You can Earn Money as a LifeWise Digital Influencer

LifeWise Digital is a publisher of mobile apps and web platforms for shopping and lifestyle interests.   We work with our community of users who wish to spread the word about great deals and experiences and who may wish to earn money by referring great deals to their friends.

A LifeWise Digital  Influencer is a business, organization, municipality, or individual who recommends apps or offers to their friends and contacts.

Influencers earn money when they invite their contacts to download our mobile apps, sign up on one of our web platforms, or when they share and act upon offers.

To Earn Money, an Influencer can simply download our Coupanda app from the App Store or Google Play Store, sign up and note your referral code.   We’ll send you an email confirming your code and that you have been approved as a LifeWise Digital Influencer.  Remind your friends that they should enter your referral code when they download the app.  After that you will get paid for their interactions on the app.

Influencer FAQs

Q: What is an Influencer?

A:  A business, organization, or individual who refers users who download a LifeWise Digital mobile app and share offers from our participating merchants

Q: What are the types of Influencers that we have in LifeWise Digital?


  • Business Accounts, National Accounts – businesses with lots of connections that are willing to collaborate with LIFEWISE by getting their connections to become users in exchange for participation in our shared marketing economy. These business accounts sign have an agreement with LIFEWISE to receive a mutually agreed upon share of advertising revenue generated by LIFEWISE by distributing ads and getting clicks from the users they have referred for the download and use the app;
  • Charities – organizations with lots of users who collaborate with LIFEWISE to by getting their connections to become users in exchange for a download fee and a contribution to their charity for every click their referred users make;
  • Municipalities – communities who wish to promote their local merchants via the LIFEWISE application. LIFEWISE make provide a share of revenue to the economic development efforts of the municipality
  • Individuals – people with lots of friends or followers who refer their connections to download the app in exchange for a download fee and a fee for referring ads that are clicked on.

Q: How much do Influencers get paid?


  • Business Influencers – $1.00 per download in exchange for an offer, discount or coupon offered to the user, they may also receive free ads delivered to nearby users. Business Influencers also generate earnings from the interaction of their referred users.  The earnings generated by business influencers can be applied to digital advertising budgets placed through LifeWise;
  • Individual Influencers: $1.00 per download plus 5% of the advertising revenue generated by their referred users. 
  • Influencers who refer more than 1000 users may qualify for an additional $1 per download bonus for each user over 1000 users referred;

 Q: What does an Influencer have to do to earn money and be of value to our business, advertisers and users?

A: Market the app on their social media platform, in emails to their connections; by allowing their employees, members, and customers to download the app or register on-line. Influencers can also support their business or cause using the LIFEWISE apps, web sites and social media outlets.  They can also share ads with their friends to earn money.

Q: How does an individual become an Influencer?

A: Enter information on our web site at and be approved by the Company or be contacted by our business development team to design and agree upon a collaborative marketing effort.

Q: How does a Business or National Account, Municipality, or Charity become an Influencer?

A: Contact our business development at (or request contact via our web site contact form) and our business development team will review, determine appropriateness, define a program, and work with you to get you started.

Q: How often does an Influencer get paid?

A: Quarterly until monthly payments would exceed $50, then monthly

Q: Will the Influencer receive an accounting of their earnings?

A:  Yes, with each payment. 

Q: Can an Influencer also be an Advertiser?

A: Yes, and earnings can be applied to advertising